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College of Law


Laws are rules, regulations and restrictions that apply to all members of society. Laws define how people should behave or conduct themselves, and provide sanctions and deterrents against improper and destructive behaviour. Laws help to organise our societies, maintain order, ensure our safety and prevent infringements of our rights. Without laws, societies would descend into lawlessness, anarchy and violence. In a democratic society, laws are created by representatives of the people (parliaments) and independent judges and magistrates (courts). There are two types of laws: criminal law, which deals with offences against people, property and morality, and civil law, which deals with disputes between different parties.

Research M.Phil 1 years
Post Graduate Programs LLM 2 years
Under Graduate Programs B.A LLB 5 years
LLB 4 years
Diploma P.G Diploma 1 years