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Er. Munna Kumar

Founder & President , Laxmi Educational Trust

A brief about us

Er. Munna Kumar, the young enterprising founder and President of LET was born with a mission, rather destined to be a visionary. His childhood days in the countryside made him a seasoned man. Basically he is an engineer. An urge to do something to improve the situation always haunted him, and the zests for doing only social work become a commitment and goal of his vision. There was no look-back thereafter.

The field he has been engaged since last five years did not enter deep interior villages to serve, the poorest of the poor and the downtrodden, particularly the rural women who the most exploited. He realized that if development was to take place, it could only be through empowerment of rural Indian women with the ultimate objective of ensuring them their rightful place in the society as agents of a socio-economic change and Development. Time has come to leave the institution within two-three years.