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Our vision is to “To provide unified access to the Minority communities for Education, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Training Programmes for the skill sets, which are/will be in demand by the market leading to self/wage-employment, with emphasis on entrepreneurship, to promote “Skill India- Mission/ Make in India” To achieve the best we focus on world class education system to poor people. We are always ready to meet our education needs to poor child/People at all times. Our aim is at providing this high level of educational servicesto build successful person with carrier success. We strive hard to offer our students not just reactive service but also a proactive approach by using our knowledge, to not only provide excellent service but to also help guide our student in the most effective direction to his carrier.


Our mission is to “Promoting inclusive development process, by educating and skilling of Minority communities and poor communities, for providing sustainable education system leading to “SabkaSaath – SabkaVikas”.” And bringing about a Social change through quality primary education. The increasing social demands of the people, active involvement of the clientele groups dovetailing of resources with need, forging strong community expressions on increasing community development is the core vision of the organization where all people can gain access to education, healthcare, employment opportunities, economic self reliance. The emerging voluntary community leadership organization women self help movement at the grass root level , increased report with support groups, rising of skill endowment, empowerment of our masses and creation of community forces are the corner stones which are considers as the missions of the organization right from the beginning. Our focus on the human dignity of the poor and marginalized through an empowerment process and creat opportunities for a sustainable society.