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College of Journalism and Mass Communication


Journalism, is the collection, verification, presentation, and editing of news for presentation through the media, in this sense, refers to the study of the product and production of news. The study of journalism involves looking at how news is produced, and how it is disseminated to the public through mass mediaoutlets such as newspapers, news channel, radio station, television station, and more recently, e-readers and smartphones. The information provided pertains to current events, trends, issues, and people. Mass communication is the study of how people exchange information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time. In other words, mass communication refers to the imparting and exchanging of information on a large scale to a wide range of people. It is usually understood to relate newspaper, magazine, and bookpublishing, as well as radio, television and film, even via internet as these mediums are used for disseminating information, news and advertising. Mass communication differs from the studies of other forms of communication, such as interpersonal communication or organizational communication, in that it focuses on a single source transmitting information to a large number of receivers. The study of mass communication is chiefly concerned with how the content of mass communication persuades or otherwise affects the behavior, attitude, opinion, or emotion of the person or people receiving the information.

Courses Eligibility Duration
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication(BJMC) 10+2 3 years
Masters of Journalism & Mass Communication(MJMC) Graduation 2 years
P.G. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication Graduation 1 years
M. Phil. In Journalism & Mass Communication 55% in Post- Graduation & Entrance Test Qualified (Organized by University) 1 years
Ph. D. In Journalism & Mass Communication 55% in Post- Graduation & Entrance Test Qualified (Organized by University) 3 years