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The Laxmi Educational Trust (LET) is Reg. Under Indian Trust Act 1882. Trust Registration No.- 212, whose main aim is to advance and develop education, training and qualifications within the all department.

Laxmi Educational Trust (LET) involved in providing quality education to the economically backward sections of rural & urban. LAXMI EDUCATIONAL TRUST founded in 2017 has its prime objective of promoting higher and technical education .It has, during the last two and half decades developed into a leading provider of quality education . It is further growing in academic stature with well established educational institutes.

The Laxmi Educational Trust (LET) is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide children from low-income communities with a high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives. LET works in the field of education, initiating school reform through The School Project, and providing a supplemental education through the Laxmi Educational Trust (LET) centers.

An on-going priority for the Trust is addressing the needs of vulnerable learners, whose under achievement is a stubborn feature of our education system. Working with schools, the third sector, local and national government, and other education agencies.

The Laxmi Educational Trust (LET) is a registered non - minority service organization along with Laxmi Educational Trust was established to inculcate among the youth a sense of discipline which is important to mould them into useful and capable citizens.The watchwords of the Trust are "Dedication, Determination and Distinction".

Laxmi Educational Trust has helped a large number of students to get admission in reputed College in India.

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  • Admission Is Going On In All Departments.
  • Training Provide Of Basic Computer In Free Of Cost.
  • Training Provide For Sewing Machine.
  • Training Provide For School Teacher & Computer Trainer.
  • Training Provide For Mobile Services & Maintenance.

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